Monday, June 24, 2013

I believe...

The other day we saw this commercial on tv at my parent's house. (You have to watch it before continuing... k?)

After it was over, Aiden excitedly exclaimed, "If we buy that car we can be FAMOUS!"

Aiden is proof that advertising works! ;)

Friday, February 22, 2013


My boys and I spent some time at my parent's house helping them clean out their basement. We found some things that belonged to me (that have been there for 10+ years!). Among my "treasures" was the pin set pictured below.
When we got home, Aiden lovingly pulled out each pin one at a time, polished it and then returned it to it's rightful spot. When he was finished he held the set up for me to examine and admire. Then he asked, "Mom, which one of these dumps is your favorite?" :) LOL!! I prefer Dumpy, of course! Ha ha

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The eye of the beholder

My niece, Jordyn has a dry-erase board on her wall that all the kids love to draw on whenever they visit. My boys are no exception. One night after arriving home from a visit to their house, I received a text from Jordyn accompanied by the following picture of Aiden's drawing from earlier...

Ummm... "What is it, I wondered?" Jordyn followed it up with this:

Yes, I laughed OUT LOUD!

The next morning I showed Aiden the picture of his drawing and asked, "What is it?" He informed me, "It's a bone-shaped dog house with a window." Well, of course it is! ;)